Home: what a beautiful word! What a beautiful feeling. When I close the door, I’m enveloped by safety and quiet. I feel the warmth of my well-used belongings. I finally have a moment to silence all the noise in my mind and enjoy baking scones, biscuits, and cookies. I pour my favorite drink and lean back into the retreat surrounding me. 

Home is where I dream big ideas and cry over crushed ones. It’s walls, doors, and things that are worn and comfortable. Everything has history. It’s all part of my story. 

I can have my favorite people over and dive into great conversation. But then they leave, and I close the door again until the next time. Through the years, I’ve grown through resettling and recentering “home” within me: connecting with the Creator and learning to live well with those I love most.

Home is the welcoming smell of coffee and the feeling of well-worn books. Home is a garden to grow dreams and relax in retreat, surrounded by the right smells and the right sounds. Home is me.

Home: what a beautiful word.